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AI-powered R&D tax consultancy has arrived

Transform your financial performance and supercharge your client experience with Claimer’s technology.
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It's a brave new world

New regulations. Reduced generosity. Increased compliance.
R&D tax consultants are under increasing pressure, having to do more for less.
Claimer is the relief valve. Empower your tax consultants with incredible technology to get their work done faster, whilst reducing your liabilities.
Claimer's first product

One-click R&D Additional Information

No admin. No typos. No fuss. Claimer fully automates the submission of HMRC's R&D additional information form.

One-click submission

Upload your R&D report, review the automatically created submission, then press submit. That's it.

Full HMRC integration

Get notified the moment your R&D claims are received, processed and paid by HMRC.