👋 Hey, Adam here. I'm co-founder and CEO of Claimer.

If you're reading this it's likely you're a startup founder or operator yourself. And, you may be claiming R&D tax credits already. That's no coincidence. I launched Claimer for you.

At my previous startup we spent a lot of money on innovative engineering. I knew from my network we could use the UK's R&D scheme to get some of it back.

We were funded, so we didn't need the money right away. If it wasn't building or growing the business, it dropped to the bottom of my todo list, despite best intentions.

The day eventually came when Ian, my finance assistant, said we had to get it done as our deadline was looming. So I started the process, aiming to get it wrapped up ASAP so I could get back to building.

I'd heard horror stories of drawn-out HMRC enquiries with startups that used their accountants, who did the financial aspect, but largely left the company to write their own report.

So I decided to go with a reputable R&D tax specialist. I ignored the dozens that spammed my LinkedIn, got some recommendations, and my shortlist ended up being F6S, GrantTree, RandD Tax, and ForrestBrown.

I negotiated and signed a deal with one for a 12.5% fee. Not cheap, but I had peace of mind.

For the love of god, please don't waste my CTO's time!

As any good provider, they have to collect a great deal of financial and technical detail to complete the claim, which means back and forth emails and calls over several weeks.

The context-switching nature of this communication is pretty disruptive and frustrating (why do we need to fill in spreadsheets when almost all the information is in our Xero?), but the most painful part of it was precious time they needed from my very expensive CTO/tech lead.

He and his team ended up having more than an hour of calls, as well as hours of time writing emails and filling in Word documents.

Let's just say he doesn't look forward to the process every year.

Long story short, they filed the claim after a few weeks and a similar amount of time later we got the money.

There's got to be a better way

The whole process seemed stuck in the dark ages: clunky, unnecessarily disruptive, and archaic - why has nobody fixed this yet? 🤔

The point of the R&D scheme is to incentivise innovation, not be a burden.

Today, registering a limited company can be done online in a few minutes. Applying for a business loan the same.

Why can't claiming startup government incentives, like R&D tax relief, also be easy? And preferably without the eye-watering high middle-man fees...

So, like any good startup founder that finds a problem they can't get out of their head, I founded a company to make this a reality!

Building the solution

As it turns out, solving this problem was not trivial. 😅

Particularly if the objective is to ensure incredibly robust claims that are not questioned by HMRC - which is a must.

Due to the expert level of human expertise needed to file a bespoke and optimal R&D claim, it quickly became clear automated and self-serve software solutions were not viable options.

Then, the answer presented itself. Software can make the experience easy for you, the customer. On our side, our R&D tech experts can handle your claim and submit it to HMRC, taking care of the entire process.

I've spent the last 2 years building one of the best teams and products in fintech to make this happen. This includes cherry-picking the leading minds in R&D tax, software engineering, and government incentive products.

The end result? The time you spend on your R&D claim is now more appropriately measured in minutes, not hours or days. And, our fee is just 5% - capped at £10k.

So, you can spend more time and money doing things that actually add value to your business. Like building a killer product or hiring awesome people.


Since then more than 350 venture-scale startups have trusted us to handle their R&D claims - with 100% success. They were all referrals, and we are extremely proud to call them customers. They've helped us prove the model actually works, and so we want to bring it to others.

These aren't just a bunch of pretty logos. There's real substance here. They are representative of the hundreds of startups that have had an "excellent" time using Claimer. For validation, check out our TrustPilot feedback. 🙂

And if stats aren't your thing, here's a shining testimonial:

Curious to put us to the test? Here's how:

How Claimer works

  1. ➡️ Head over here to get started.
  2. 🔗 Connect your accounting software.
  3. 💻 Add your details in a super slick dashboard.
  4. 👔 Submit your application to a Claimer R&D expert—we’ll write your claim and submit it to HMRC.
  5. 💷 A few weeks later, get paid.