💡 Startup Spotlight: Savannah Price and Terrance Range, co-founders of Intend

Today we’re diving into the story behind Intend, in an interview with the founders, Savannah Price and Terrance Range. They've identified that poor mental health and financial struggles often go hand in hand, leading them to use technology as a force for good.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Antony Cousins, CEO of Factmata

We interviewed Antony Cousins, CEO of Factmata about his startup's revolutionary machine learning technology that can immediately figure out the context behind online content.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Christian Facey, CEO of AudioMob

Interview with Christian Facey, CEO of AudioMob. We discussed operational scaling and why Series A companies should have a dedicated R&D Lab.

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As R&D experts, the team at Claimer want to help your company claim the largest amount of cash that it can. But, as with many things in life, the best way to do this is by planning ahead.

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