💡 Startup Spotlight: Patrick Coleman, CEO of QStory

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Seven Steps to Speed Up Your Innovation Cycle

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Claimer has raised a $4.2m seed 🥳

I'm thrilled to announce we've raised a $4.2m seed! Here's why...

💡 Startup Spotlight: Francesca Casiraghi, CEO of London Trade Art

Today we interviewed Francesca Casiraghi, CEO of London Trade Art, to talk about how art ownership is no longer just a rich person’s game.

💡 Startup Spotlight: David Harkin, CEO of 8billionideas

Today we interviewed David Harkin, CEO of 8billionideas, to talk about how future-focused learning is here to shape the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Robert Pasco, CEO of Plend

We interviewed Robert Pasco, CEO of Plend, to find out how they’re changing the world of credit, by making it more personal, affordable, and accessible. 

Claimer has raised a $4.2m seed! 🥳 Here's why.