💡 Startup Spotlight: Kirk Fletcher, CEO of Connected Data

We interviewed Kirk Fletcher, CEO of Connected Data, to find out more about data-enabled debt management.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Dimitri Syrris, CEO of Baotree

We interviewed Dimitri Syrris, CEO of Baotree, to find out more about his company's data collection tool that helps organisations validate and tell their sustainability stories.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Felix Atkin, CEO of Sharesy

We interviewed Felix Atkin, CEO and founder of Sharesy, to find out more about the company who believe that people need human connection and community to thrive.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Jules Robertson, Co-founder of Tally Market

We interviewed Jules Robertson, Co-founder of Tally Market, to find out the story behind the “AirBnB of workspaces”.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Vishnu Chundi, CEO of AssetVault

We interviewed Vishnu Chundi, CEO of AssetVault.

🦄 Unicorn Spotlight: Philip Belamant, CEO and Co-founder of Zilch

We interviewed Philip Belamant, CEO of Zilch, to find out how they're shaking up the BNPL market by building the most empowering way for people to pay.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Atul Srivastava, CEO and FOUNDER of Smart Cricket

Today we interviewed Atul Srivastava, CEO of Smart Cricket, to hear about how he's disrupting the world of performance measurement in the fast-paced world of cricket.

How VCs Advise Extending Your Runway

"Extend your runway" is sound advice in the current bear market. But, how?

💡 Startup Spotlight: Ronan Finnegan, co-founder of spacebands

Ronan shares the extraordinary story of how a business built to help enable social distancing during the pandemic has led to the discovery of a much larger (and longer-term!) underserved problem.

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