Claimer has raised a $4.2m seed 🥳

I'm thrilled to announce we've raised a $4.2m seed! Here's why...

2022 Autumn Statement: What it means for SMEs claiming R&D relief

On 17 November 2022, the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave everyone a new plan of action. A lot was revealed, from tax cuts to the latest R&D updates. So what does this mean for SMEs claiming R&D relief?

4 commonly misunderstood things that don't qualify as R&D

Preparation and rigour are key, especially when writing an R&D relief claim; knowing common mistakes can in turn help you prepare yourself for the current climate.

HMRC payment delays: what’s happening and when will things be back to normal?

The HMRC R&D tax credit program has been experiencing delays. Why is it happening and what can you expect?

VIDEO: Funding your Startup in the Post-Pandemic Recession

Claimer hosted an invite-only founder party! 🥳 There, 80 founders and six industry experts discussed funding your startup in the post-pandemic recession. We recorded it to make it available to you...

Funding your Startup in the Post-pandemic Recession

In September, we kicked off our Founder Party events to answer the question: how can startups fundraise in a recession?

Want to Protect your Innovation Speed? Here's How

Sustaining a fast innovation cycle can be even more complicated than gaining momentum; founders and investors give tips on how to achieve this.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Darren Fell, CEO of Crunch

We interviewed Darren Fell, CEO of Crunch, to discover more about the UK’s most cost-effective online accounting software and service.

💡 Startup Spotlight: Patrick Coleman, CEO of QStory

Today we interviewed Patrick Coleman, CEO of QStory, to find out more about the pioneers of Intraday Automation.

Seven Steps to Speed Up Your Innovation Cycle

A speedy innovation cycle can be your biggest advantage. But what steps can you take to ensure you lead at pace?

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Claimer has raised a $4.2m seed! 🥳 Here's why.